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What best describes stainless steel?

Do you know how is steel made?...

Natural science

Marine biologist scuba dive, botanists go into forests to study plants, and geologists take samples of rock from all over....

Blacklisted in banks uae?

Where are you? You say you are stuck "here." Where is "here?" If you can't pay the loan the vehicle will be repossessed and a Judgment will be taken against you. I have no idea what "the penalty against the overstay of my family" means. We need more info in orde...

Military with a felony & record

Can I join the army with a felony (drug charge)...

Can I reclaim my German citizenship if I never renounced after dual citizenship?

You can reclaim only if you are l00% german, so no you cant. If you want more information I would suggest you phone the German Consulate wherever you happen to be living now....

How much jail time will he get?

If he is in Juv court, he will most likely be in Juv till he turns 18, After that it depends on your system. I would say he gets the full year in jail ( his probation term) since he has had many chances and refused to correct. In some states he will do all Juv, others at 17 he will go straigh...

Partition laws in South Carolina

What your husband has done constitutes forgery and is a felony offense. Did you use an attorney to draw up your separation agreement? Was it filed with the courts? You need to contact your attorney and let him know your husband is in violation of that agreement. He will be able to advise you ...

Can my out of state bank account be seized?

Money & Services
As far as I remember there is no statue of limitation for collecting a judgement. They can levey wages, bank accts, business assets, if you have a cash type business, and also place a lien on property. Real estate liens will stay on the property your entire life until you plan on selling or borrowin...

Tax Deductible Mileage

Money & Services
You can claim the deduction ONLY IF you are claiming the costs associated with the education as an employee business expense. The education has to meet some rather stringent requirements to qualify for an employee business expense, and it is an ITEMIZED deduction, which may may make it NOT deducti...

Air in lines and loss of pressure in hot water.has plumber at wits end.

Home & Garden
Tell him his dip tube is failing. Do a search on dip tubes. As for the air, I would need more info....


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